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[lise] Fieldwork
The open-air laboratory at La Moutière
Testing the mirror-gondola positioning viewfinder (A. Labeyrie) ©MR Adjusting the position of a mirror on its tripod (A. Labeyrie) ©MR The mirror-gondola positioning viewfinder: food for thought (A. Labeyrie - J.P. Rochaix) ©MR  
 Testing the adjustment of a mirror on its tripod (F. Allouche - J.-P. Rochaix) ©MR Topographical recordings with a theodolite (F. Allouche - M. Roussel) 2011 ©AL Topographical recordings with GPS RTK (M. Roussel - J. Maillot) 2012 ©JM Controlling the final positioning of the gondola at the telescope with the 3 south cables (M. Roussel) 2012 ©AL
Timing reference station GPS RTK on IGN landmark (M. Roussel) 2012 ©JM Installation of a cable-monitoring system (J.-P. Rochaix - A. Labeyrie - J.-L. Beaumier) 2012 ©MR  Repairing the switch that triggers the aviation flashing light at the north attachment point of the suspension cable (J.-P. Rochaix) 2012-©MR  Martine Roussel filming the manipulation of the gondola. On her right the east point motors ©AL
 The micro-mechanics workshop on the platform of the tipi-tent (A. Labeyrie) 2012©MR Development of the controlling software at the south point (A. Labeyrie - D. Mourard) 2012 ©MR High computer creativity at the south point (P.Nuñez - R.Prudhomme) 2012 ©AL