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[lise] Mechanics and assembly
Mechanics and assembly
At the beginning of summer 2012, LISE team installed, in a tipi-tent on site, a field workshop to perform simple mechanical and electronic interventions. During the winter, both the workshop and the tent are dismantled and stored with other instruments at the premises available at Séolane Center at Barcelonnette.
At Barcelonnette, LISE team has an electro-mechanical workshop that has more elaborated equipment than that of la Moutière, which only serves for the maintenance and improvement of the experiment elements. The offices assigned to LISE near the Séolane atelier also offer the possibility to perform on-site research and instrument development work.
Programmed within the planning of the “Service de mécanique mutualisé” (S2M) of OCA, complex or precision mechanical tasks are performed at the site of Calern.
Gondola piloting tests are performed at real scale at Calern.
The phase of assembling the different parts of the experimental set-up – wiring (suspension cable, control jumper cables, gondola), motorization, solar-powered electrical cabinets (piloting charts, WIFI connection, etc.), optics (mirror supports, optical gondola, ground-based telescope) – is performed directly on site at la Moutière.
 Seolane Center Workshop ©JPR  Storage space at Seolane Center ©JPR  Gondola suspension cable for avifauna protection ©JPR