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Videos and animations
View overlooking the valley of "La Moutière", Google Earth (M. Roussel, 2012, 30 s)
Film "A visit to the hypertelescope in Ubaye, summer 2012" - Subtitled in English (M. Roussel, 2013, 17 min)
Film "Interferences in optical astronomy or Stellar interferometry at visible wavelengths" (1979, 27 min)

L’Hypertélescope de l’Ubaye : ateliers d’optique in situ été 2013 (M. Roussel, 2014, 48 minutes)



En direct de la Moutière, ils racontent - Interviews été 2013 (M. Roussel, 2014, 41 minutes)


Campagne Hypertélescope 2014 – Alignements et cosphérisation (M. Roussel, 2015, 20 minutes)